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Over the past few months I've been getting a lot of e-mail. Some of it has been moderately critical, but most has been extremely encouraging. I've felt so blessed by all of your e-mails -- from pastors, group leaders, Truth Project participants -- and I wanted to share some select portions on the site. If you have your own feedback, please e-mail me:

TheTruthProblem @

Most of these topics have many more sides than were presented in this video series. I look forward to viewing the information you are presenting. This site is fantastic and it is nice to know all Christians aren't just swallowing any pill that comes along and calling it absolute truth!
I do believe that worldviews determine which data is considered most relevant to an issue, and determines how strong that evidence is. You will have as tough a time convincing someone like me of your side as Focus has trying to sway you to their point of view.

Again, the site looked great. I wish folks on my side of the aisle could put their point of view in such a pleasing package!
While I believe the Bible to be the absolute Word of God, I freely admit that any fault lies with man's correct interpretation of the Bible (including, but not limited to figuring out what is literal and what is allegorical). I am digesting your website and appreciate having its alternative view of "The Truth Project."
I have been an active believer 25 years and ... Iíve attended two of three tours, #1 and #3. I find the presentation troubling: there is a sense of "you must believe my way," vague or inaccurate leaping conclusions, and a classroom setting that is hardly believable. None of the "students" have any questions, any real ideas or any opinions. That excludes any thinking.
After your response, I think I'll give these DVD's a shot. Being a fairly educated individual, I think I'll be able to filter through the material for myself. The idea of the "worldview" encroaching on our minds is quite compelling. You have convinced me that these DVD's will be great conversation starters for our small study group, especially with people of different backgrounds and beliefs involved.
Church has been a nightmare. I made the mistake of trying to share my findings. You are absolutely correct about being labeled as buying a pernicious lie. Evolution is demonized. I've met a few theistic evolutionists online. So many false dichotomies arise from the strict literal interpretation of Genesis.

I have an intense passion for truth. I am so encouraged to have found your website. Praise God.
I've been reading up on the Truth Project as it starts at our church this week. So far it's Lesson 9 that bothers me. It seems the Christian Right has been co-opted by those who may not even be Christians that want to take everything back to the year 1800. Was it "nanny" government when Lincoln freed the slaves? How about when the Civil Rights Act was passed or unemployment payments began?
Overall I recommend [The Truth Project] to anyone, and much of the content is good and well-intentioned. However, I believe it is a flawed work, and unfortunate that it is called 'Truth'! I believe that Del reads too much into words, phrases and verses, gets hung up on old translations. ... I agree fully with your assertion that Del is totally incorrect with some of his examples, or lack thereof, relating to evolution.
I found your site by googling Del Tackettís name after reviewing one of the lessons prior to facilitating it. I have had reservations about the series since before we adopted it for a small group curriculum.

It was the pretentious atmospherics of the Harvard Law School-like set and "classical" architecture touches which first made me hesitant. Although some of the sincere prayers and some scriptural content have been inspiring at times, it is the pretension to give a concise liberal arts education with mistaken Latin grammar ("Imago Deo" -- how hard was that to check?) and other likely elisions and misquotes that has led me to look for alternative, but clearly thoughtful Christian views.

I have already identified differences within the theology of salvation described in The Truth Project with what our church denomination teaches, which led to a fruitful and somewhat heated discussion in our small group.
We live in a culture of derision and division; a culture that translates differing beliefs into personal attacks. In my opinion, Dr.Tackett crosses this line. So do you. Please do not negate the good you can do.

Let us live in love (1Cor13) and humility (Phil2:3,James3:13,Titus3:2), with a desire to exalt God and His truth. Let's remember we are one in Him.
To the extent that we seriously examine/apply what the Bible says, I think there is the potential for real transformation, a goal of the series. But that transformation isn't likely to come by bashing everyone with whom we disagree. One reason I appreciate your website is because it affirms that I'm not the only Christian on the planet to question the presentations, while still holding a high regard for the Bible.
Thank you for your very informative site on the "Truth Project". If you have time to include more precise references to your fact checks on the fossil record segment, that would be great (in addition to just dates).
I recently learned that my LCMS church is going to be conducting this program. YIKES! ... I will be having a discussion with my pastor regarding this troubling choice that has been made. I will be directing him to your site.
Your site is interesting and thought provoking. I am glad to have come across it. I have a question that I hesitate to present because I myself hate this kind of question from others when I teach. "Are we better off with the Truth Project or would we be better off without it?" A loaded question to be sure. If I may simplify a bit: If we are better off without it then say so strongly and clearly. If we are better off with it then say so strongly and clearly. I suspect that we are better off with it, even though there may be problems.

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